Morning Reading List, 11.06.06

morningsun.gifGood morning, Washington. Is being a Washingtonian today like being a five year old on the day before Christmas? Is the anticipation just killing you?

  • Brit Hume says that “Broadcast News’ ‘Glory Days Are Over’

  • It’s “Free Access Week” over at TimesSelect.

  • Congrats to us for surpassing the 4,000+ post mark.

  • Howie Kurtz wonders if journos are “Ready for a New Party-in-Trouble”?

  • DCRTV has a good summary of this weekend’s 30th annual gathering of the Washington Quarter Century Broadcasters at the Kenwood Country Club in Bethesda.

  • Deb Howell on “Balance and Bias on the Political Beat

  • Aww…poor Mark Plotkin.

  • Paul Bedard provides another update on Daryn Kagan (and she does her first radio interview today)

  • The Chicago Tribune issues a “special report” on “Rev. Moon and the black clergy.” And Joshua Holland asks, “Are the Moonies and Japan headed for a new Clash of Civilizations?

  • You gotta love an editorial page that says this: “We like french fries, doughnuts and pie as much as the next editorial board.”

  • Google to Try Selling Advertisements for Newspapers

  • In memoriam: Business, Publishing Executive James H. McIlhenny

  • James Wilson asks, “What ever happened to patriotic reporters?