Morning Reading List, 11.04.08

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Good morning Washington. Enjoy the day, win or lose. You deserve it.

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Laura Bush is 62 today. Walter Cronkite is 92. Carlos Gutierrez is 55. Variety reports, “Politics relying more on pop culture”. Check out the “12th Annual Webby Awards Nominees“. Politico’s Ryan Grim responds to the City Paper’s endorsement of Arthur Delaney for ANC 6B08. Washington Post’s GOG Blog helps with “Election-Watch Party Planning”. The Daily Intel has “Post-Election Plans of Prominent Politics Bloggers”. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “Some among my friends and coworkers will be laid off for Christmas. Happy holidays!”

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  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell writes, “Shorting Readers on What They Want”

  • Washington City Paper reports, “Posties to Bosses: More Detail, Please!”

  • The News Tribune’s David Zeeck reports, “On Tuesday night I was watching the ‘NBC Nightly News’ with Brian Williams when he talked about the 100-year-old Christian Science Monitor getting out of the daily newspaper business and converting to a Web-only product. He went on to say: ‘In plain English, the Internet and changing reader habits are killing the old newspaper business. Circulation is declining almost 1 percent every passing month.’ Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! I think Brian Williams is a terrific newsman: smart, precise, personable, fair. But in this case he was relying on conventional wisdom that, while broadly shared, is bunk. He also got at least one fact wrong. Newspapers are struggling in this recession. Isn’t every American business? And we do have the challenge of the Internet, though we’re profiting from it more than we’re hurt by it. But the newspaper business isn’t being killed. And it’s not dying. And circulation isn’t declining at 1 percent a month (or 12 percent a year).”

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  • An ABC release announced, “ABC News has received four Emmy nominations for Business and Financial Reporting from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, it was announced today by the Academy. ABC News also received two nominations for promotional announcements. All of the awards will be presented on Tuesday, December 2, 2008 in New York City.”

  • A C-SPAN release announced, “C-SPAN begins live election night coverage at 7 pm ET on Tuesday. We’ll start with an in-depth look at how the 2008 elections will impact the next Congress, including results from key races, the future of the House and Senate leadership teams, and the possible shuffle of some committee chairmanships. We’ll also have live coverage of victory and concession speeches in some of the most competitive U.S. Senate races, including those in Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. And, of course, we’ll be live with Sen. John McCain in Phoenix, Arizona, and Sen. Barack Obama in Chicago.”

  • B&C reports, “Court Declines to Release Fox Profanity Tapes”

  • A release announced, “Here’s a list of who’s where for CBS News’ Campaign ’08 Election Night coverage tomorrow, which begins with the CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC (6:30-7:00 PM, ET/PT) and continues from 7:00 PM-2:00 AM, ET, with full coverage of the presidential, gubernatorial, Senate and House of Representatives contests, as well as key referenda, across the country. Couric will anchor a live Webcast on and beginning at approximately 2:00 AM ET, immediately following CBS News’ live broadcast coverage of the election results.” The list includes Bob Schieffer, Jeff Greenfield and Marc Ambinder.

  • The AP’s David Bauder reports, “For television news organizations, Election Night is like the Super Bowl — the year’s best chance to show off their talent and technological innovations. A couple of folks sitting behind a desk reading numbers? How 1950s. Tuesday will see holograms and virtual reality, a ‘magic wall’ and a ‘launchpad,’ and two New York City landmarks — Rockefeller Center and Times Square — turned into TV studios.”

  • Politico reports, “Endangered Republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska on Sunday publicly chided a CNN crew for crossing what he presented as a sacred religious line.”

  • The New York Times has a “A Night Out With Chris Matthews”

  • The Washington Examiner reports, “Brit Hume’s last election as Fox anchor”

  • The New York Times reports, “A Surge on One Channel, a Tight Race on Another”

  • >Howard Kurtz reports, “Obama’s Talk Show Advantage Is No Idle Chatter”

  • The New York Times reports, “Neither CNN nor the Fox News Channel is known for comedy, or even much of a sense of humor, so it is a measure of how important a role comedy has played in the 2008 election that these two sober cable news channels now offer lighthearted Saturday night talk shows.”

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “The networks are making big plans for election night, with high hopes for viewership and one nagging concern: that they can get the data right.”

  • TVNewser’s Gail Shister writes, “BBC is no CNN”

  • Huffington Post reports, “Fox News’ Major Garrett Defends Obama Against ‘Fox & Friends’ In Leaked E-Mail”

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  • The Onion announced, “As the only media outlet covering this historic election, The Onion will again double the size of its War For The White House staff to provide uninterrupted coverage of the results on November 4th and 5th. .. . Tune in to our election coverage on November 4th and 5th at

  • Pew Research Center reports, “Internet Now Major Source of Campaign News”

  • Salon’s Glenn Greenwald reports, “Steven Pearlstein and the strange pro-bailout justifications”. Poynter Online reports, “WP’s Pearlstein: I won’t get sucked into a blogosphere shouting match”

  • NiemanJournalismLab reports, “ProPublica and NYT seek $1M to put everyone’s documents online”

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  • Check out the latest from a briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto.

      MR. FRATTO: … One thing I’d like to talk about this morning — actually, I think we have this podium on Dana height this morning. (Laughter.) Either that, or my eyesight is exceptionally faltering this morning.

      Q: Or you’ve grown.

      MR. FRATTO: Or maybe I have gotten taller — yes, it could be.

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  • A release announced, “NPR News ‘Election 2008’ will offer eight hours of live broadcast and webcast coverage of election night on November 4 from 7:00PM to 3:00AM (ET). NPR’s most extensive coverage of an election to date — which will include live streaming, blogging, interactive tools and mobile capability — involves more than 120 journalists stationed at NPR’s worldwide headquarters in Washington, D.C., and reporting from key battleground states and campaign sites across the country.”

  • A release announced, “630 WMAL, the Washington, DC region’s leading News/Talk radio station, announced today that MSNBC Senior Campaign Correspondent Tucker Carlson will co-anchor its election night coverage with the station’s Chris Plante, and will include reports from ABC News Radio regarding the national scene, as well as focusing on local and regional races.”

  • A release announced, “Air America Media (, a progressive media company, will present in-depth coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 4, both on-air and online. Air America’s on-air election night coverage will originate from the Obama Campaign’s outdoor election event in Chicago beginning at 7:00p.m. ET. Ron Reagan and David Bender will anchor from Grant Park, and be joined by Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartmann, Lionel, and other members of the Air America team from locations across America.”

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  • Patton Boggs and Qorvis are holding a post-election webinar to discuss the results of the election. For more info, and to RSVP, click here.

  • PRNewswire announced, “For national distribution, take advantage of PR Newswire’s 2008 Election News Service, a powerful combination of services that specifically targets print, broadcast and online journalists nationwide covering election year-issues for one low price ($695 flat fee, no length charges!). Or, use any of our local, regional, national and specialty newslines to target your distribution for specific local races and issues.”

  • Angela Valdez writes for Slate, “I volunteered to phone bank for the McCain campaign, and recorded some of the calls. And now I’m more confused than ever about what an ‘undecided’ voter is.”

  • Ralph Hanson is “Mapping The Election

  • The New York Times reports on, “An All-Out Attack on ‘Conservative Misinformation'”

  • KTVA reporter and former CBS Public Eye’r Matthew Felling reports, “CBS 11 invited Senator Ted Stevens and Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich to participate in an innovative online debate, along with our viewers.” Check out the results here.

  • Politico reports, “Air Obama’s not-so-friendly skies”

  • The Daily Beast reports, “From Steve Schmidt’s bad karaoke performance to Dennis Kucinich’s nut thievery, campaign reporters share their best — and most hilarious — memories from the trail.”

  • The New York Times’ Public Editor writes, “In the ’08 Horse Race, the Cart Pulls Ahead”

  • The Daily Beast reports, “The level of Arab media interest in this year’s election is unprecedented — and the reports suggest many in the region are rooting for Obama.”

  • Newsweek reports, “How political-news junkies are preparing for campaign withdrawal.”

  • TVNewser reported on Friday, “From a TVNewser tipster on the campaign trail today: ‘Palin’s embed journos greeted her in costume today as: Joe 6-Pack, Joe the Plumber, Tito the Builder, Todd, Sarah, and a hockey mom.'”

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  • The Chronicle of Higher Education is seeking a Director of Research and Data Management.

  • The Association for Financial Professionals is looking for a Director, Communications.

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