Morning Reading List, 08.02.06

  • Celebrate with us: FishbowlDC has surpassed the 3000 post mark.

  • One reader writes in to imagine a White House Press Briefing with the “video wall”:

      Imagine this exchange in the new “Situation Room”-esque press briefing room. David Gregory: “What can you tell us about Secretary Rice’s comments on Iran this morning in France?” Tony Snow: “Well, David, I think some in the media have taken those comments out of context . . . but with further comment we turn now to State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack, traveling with the Secretary in Paris . . . he’s live via broadband . . . Sean, what do you make of David Gregory’s question?”

    And Jack Cafferty’s Question on the Situation Room — “Does the White House need a new high-tech briefing room to deliver its message to the public?”

  • Somehow we feel like we’ve already read this somewhere: Helen Thomasspeaks her mind about the state of US journalism today.”

  • The mystery stains in the WH Press Briefing Room? Not to worry: It’s just the leaks.

  • National Geographic Television has hired Michael Castro to the position of VP/Operations. Michael will head the production operations and post-production for the network.

  • What do reporters do as the president gets his annual physical? Eat doughnuts. From yesterday’s pool report:

      Pool report #1 8/1/06

      President Bush arrived at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda aboard Marine One at 7:50 am. He waved extra vigorously before starting his day with a battery of medical tests for his annual physical.

      Hes scheduled to be here for more than five hours, while the pool is holed up in an auditorium eating doughnuts.

  • Wonkette lets you know how to stalk Tim Russert.

  • Reporters ask Tony Snow the tough questions From yesterday’s briefing:

      And my question: Does the President forgive Mel Gibson or not? (Laughter.)

  • The Post announces changes to its City Guide.

  • Judy Miller may again be in the headlines.

  • TNR’s Peter Beinart appeared on The Colbert Report last night. How did it go?

      Colbert: I nailed you. That’s the quickest I’ve ever nailed someone.

  • Chris Cillizza announces that he’s taking a break from “The Fix.” Ten hours later, he’s back on the blog.

  • “Discovery Communications President and CEO Judith McHale is leaving the programmer.”

  • From DCRTV:

      JFK Salesman To WaPo Radio – 7/31 – An ad sales biggie jumps from CBS’s WJFK-FM. DCRTV hears that Tim McWilliams exits 106.7 after 10 years to join Bonneville’s Washington Post Radio, WTWP. He is considered “a direct business machine” and was said to be very successful at WJFK selling for the Redskins and its “shock jock” talk radio programming…..

  • Greta van Susteren takes a hit in the July ratings.