Morning Reading List, 02.11.08

Good morning Washington.

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  • You are not fans of Maureen Dowd’s writing.


  • Washington Post reports, “Discovery Communications has hired former AOL advertising executive Kathleen Kayse to run the Silver Spring cable giant’s digital ad sales operation. Kayse is a Time Warner veteran, having held a number of positions there, including publisher of People magazine.”

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  • Diamondback Online talks to Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and Nixon-era whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg.

    <LI"Fuzzy Election Math, Before and After

  • The Examiner reports,Mark Tapscott, editorial page editor of The Washington Examiner, will receive the Conservative Political Action Conference’s journalist of the year award today for producing what American Conservative Union Chairman David A. Keene called a ‘consistent, conservative, articulate editorial page.'”

  • Amy Argetsinger says to ignore Chris Matthews. From an online chat:

      Philadelphia, Pa.: Is there any way to attempt to correct Chris Matthews from pronouncing Illinois “Illinoise”? Especially when we know it’s accidental…it’s quite embarrassing for the rest of us and it happened over and over again yesterday….
      Amy Argetsinger: He’s just doing it to get attention. Ignore him.

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “The Washington Post Co.’s latest online venture targets a black audience, drawing from its own media properties but linking to too little else.”

  • Deb Howell asks, “Was a Museum Director Treated Fairly?

  • Newseum taps Roberts for opening

  • Romenesko has the memo from Bill Keller regarding Marty Gottlieb’s “New Gig”

  • Zero Zero, an “active gallery,” has opened in Georgetown. Georgetowner reports. The owners are currently “keeping busy by involving themselves in the planning stages of the first ever DC Photography Week, which should be captivating us this fall.”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “To secure the Democratic nomination for president, either Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama will need to secure 2,025 delegates. Depending on which account you accepted Friday morning, Ms. Clinton was either leading the delegate race, with more than half the needed total, or trailing Mr. Obama with both candidates shy of the halfway mark. At least five different news organizations are tracking delegate counts, and as this blog and others noted after Super Tuesday — and others pointed out earlier in primary season — the numbers have been all over the map. By Friday, the Associated Press’s count (used by The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and others), was scoring Ms. Clinton ahead, 1,045 to 960. CBS News had a Clinton lead of 1,069 to 1,001; at ABC News, it was 1,069 to 990; and CNN called it 1,037 to 933. Meanwhile, NBC News had Mr. Obama in the lead, 861 to 855.”

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  • Media barred from covering Rove speech at prep school

  • Olbermann Backs Burns on Countdown

  • TV Guide and Extra were behind the scenes at FNC on election night. Check it out here.

  • “Some Obama supporters are up in arms this evening over a remark by CNN’s Jessica Yellin that was meant to be off-camera, but was caught on a live mic.” Politico’s Ben Smith explains.

  • TVNewser has the updated debate ranker.

  • Jake Tapper reports, “Clinton Campaign Not Looking for Shuster to Be Fired, After All”. His Extreme-ness writes, “It’s hard to read about MSNBC’s relationship to the mothership Clinton campaign these days without being reminded of Vichy France.” Outside The Beltway writes, “I’m no fan of Shuster. Indeed, he’s a total and utter hack and MSNBC should be ashamed they can’t find a more serious journalist to put on their air. But these remarks aren’t worthy of tut-tutting, let alone firing.” Ann Althouse says, “NBC wimped out over ‘pimped out.'”

  • Clinton on Shuster: “No Temporary Suspension or Half-Hearted Apology is Sufficient
  • Shuster isn’t the only one with a pimp quote. Olbermann Watch explains.

  • Uh-oh…Reliable Sources made a goof.

  • Saturday Night’s All Right For Voting

  • Business Week reports, “The days of old when there was just network news and newspapers for people to go to for their information are long gone, and people who deliver the news have become much more numerous. They are no longer just newscasters, but rather news and current affairs personalities; toward that end, America has their favorites and, of course, their least favorites. Leading the list of favorites, just under one-quarter (23%) of Americans cite Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly as one of their three favorite news and current affairs personalities, followed by the host of ABC’s World News Tonight, Charles Gibson and CNN’s Anderson Cooper (17% each).”

  • From Eat the Press: “MSNBC: The Place For Politics (And Taped Programming)”

  • Moderator and a Panelist Ousted at ‘Fox News Watch’

  • Two in ‘Famous Fathers Fraternity’ Talk Politics

  • TVNewser says, “Don’t Cut Off Joe When He’s on the Phone”

  • DCRTV overheard Imus telling listeners today that he’ll be back on in DC soon.

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  • Mixed Media has an “Edwards Aide on Anti-Edwards Bias”

  • Slate reports,Chelsea Clinton has no trouble talking, as it turns out, though she doesn’t seem to enjoy it much. The former First Kid took audience questions for nearly an hour at a small campaign event today at the University of Maryland, where she was articulate, knowledgeable and almost completely without affect.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Google Inc. hasn’t received formal objections from European Union regulators about its proposed $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick Inc., three people familiar with the case said, indicating the EU is close to approving the deal.”

  • Norman Pearlstine, managing director of the Carlyle Group LP, talks with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller in New York about Microsoft Corp.’s unsolicited bid for Yahoo! Inc., the strategies of Time Warner Inc. and News Corp., and outlook for the credit market.”

  • Info World reports, “Technorati CEO sees opportunity in the changing Web”

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  • The New York Post reports, “The FBI is poking around the celebrity magazine world on the West Coast, investigating allegations of kickbacks and pay-for-play schemes, according to a source who was contacted by investigators. The source was told that the probe, which appears to be at a preliminary stage, involved ‘paparazzi and In Touch’ magazine. The source was contacted by an agent named Dennis Webster in the FBI’s Los Angeles office.”

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  • FierceMarkets, Inc. is seeking a Telecom Reporter for Steady Freelance Gig.

  • National Public Radio is looking for an Editor (I, II, or III), Digital News.
  • PBS is looking for a Director, PBS Engage.

  • Exchange Monitor Publications, Inc. is looking for Reporters.

  • Agra Informa Inc. is looking for Freelance reporters.

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