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It’s day 22 covering the new Obama administration. And day 9 for us.

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NYTimes Company President and CEO Janet Robinson laid out a vision of how the company would survive the crippling newspaper industry. “As other newspapers cut back on international and national coverage, or cease operations, we believe there will be opportunities for The Times to fill that void,” she said. More analysis of that plan here.

On the same topic, Poynter has a forum with Steve Brill on how to save the NYTimes- and journalism. According to this plan, the headline and first paragraph of each article will appear online, but will cost ten cents to read in full. Brill calls this an I-Tunes-like-journalism structure.

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Robert Gibbs made appearances today on six morning shows.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz spoke with Broadcasting & Cable about viewer apathy and coverage in Afghanistan and Iraq, but by far, the most interesting Q & A was this, “When you’re embedded with the U.S. military, do you get your own tent?” Raddatz’s response, “Nope. You sleep with strange men or with your male producer. You’re literally just thrown into a tent. They don’t give you anything to sleep on. I’m pretty good at this by now. I bring a little silk sleeping bag that I bought in Vietnam, and you can pretend you have silk sheets. It folds up to the size of a handbag and it’s pink. It’s just perfect. I always joke with the photographers. I just choose guys, when we go on embeds, based on whether they snore or not. It’s pretty Spartan. You have a female shower trailer and a male shower trailer, and that’s pretty much it.”

TVNewser reports on “The Most Popular Person in the White House- Besides the Obamas.” Who could that possibly be? Desiree Rogers, the first African-American White House Social Secretary.

Speaking of the president’s social life, keep a lookout for Sean Hannity and Obama throwing back a few the next time you’re at happy hour. Check it out here.

Morning Joe or Senator Joe?

Fred Thompson is making a comeback… on TV, not in politics. He has a guest stint of ABC’s “Life on Mars,” playing an NYPD chief of detectives. This is due to air sometime in March (h/t Shenanigans).

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How do you make a living off of Twitter? These guys are still trying to figure that out.

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NPR chats with Jay Rosen and a panel on the future of news. Listen here.

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Still trying to figure out how to be jobless and fabulous? Follow these ladies’ lead. Two editors laid off from Conde Nast have started a new website From the NYTimes: “The site links to economics articles and has regular features like Lemonade Makers, on adapting to the financial crisis; Redux, essays by Ms. Parramore on how other downturns influenced art and fashion; and Love in the Time of Layoff, in which Deborah Siegel, a freelancer, chronicles how she and her husband adjust to his recently getting a pink slip.”

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The Reliable Source checks out “the president’s heartthrob speechwriter” Jon Favreau’s new pad in Dupont.

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JOBS is looking for seminar instructors. mb LEARN is looking for dynamic, spirited instructors to teach one-night seminars in DC. Seminars are 3 hours from 6:45-9:45 pm, lecture-style, on various media topics for an audience of continuing education media students. Requirements include experience in a writing or journalism position– magazine editors, authors, etc. We are looking for professionals with several years’ experience in their field. Previous teaching experience is a plus but is not a requirement.

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