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It’s day 18 covering the new Obama administration. And day 5 for us.

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WashPost foreign editor Scott Wilson will now cover the White House for the Post. He joins Mike Shear, Mike Fletcher, Anne Kornblut and Chris Cillizza. From the memo: “Scott is one of our newspaper’s major talents, a fabulously versatile journalist who thinks big, writes big, and can do just about everything else.” He starts March 1st.

Nat Hentoff joins the Cato Institute as a senior fellow. Hentoff worked as a columnist at the Village Voice for 50 years before he was let go last December. In the release Hentoff is introduced as “one of the foremost authorities on the First Amendment.”

From Mike Allen’s Playbook: Tony Fratto joins CNBC as an Outside Contributor, deubting on “Kudlow” opposite… Robert Reich!

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From the Washington City Paper: Following a stretch that featured the killing of the Sunday Source and Book World, newsroom administration on Tuesday announced perhaps a bigger no-brainer: Staffers at the paper will no longer get paid extra for doing chats and blogs on

From Politico’s Michael Calderone WashPost “Style pushes more reviews online”: Now, Style is doing some trimming- in print, at least. Last month, Style began cutting back the number of reviews (dance, classical and pop) published each day due to a shrinking newshole, according to Post sources.

WSJ cuts about two dozen newsroom jobs. You can read more on that here and here.

The Financial Times is ending its sports coverage and cutting the Saturday sports page effective February 14th. FT says this is “part of a strategy to focus on core strengths of news and business.”

Who should replace Bill Kristol at the Times? Nobody says Slate’s Jack Shafer. “Doesn’t mean I think he’s irreplaceable. He’s completely replaceable: I can name a thousand bloggers who filed completely better copy daily during the year Kristol wrote weekly for the Times… Has any big-league columnist put less effort into his pieces than Kristol? If he labored more than 45 minutes on the average piece, I’d be astonished.”

Ever imagine a city without a newspaper? NPR does here.

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This story got a lot of play yesterday- TVNewser has ABC’s official response on regular phone calls between former Clinton White House staffers George Stephanopoulos and Rahm Emanuel.

AP’s David Bauder poses the question, “Did president mess up by inviting anchors in? Obama’s bad day: having anchors in his office during Daschle mess.”

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Did you know watching live streaming video on could also open up your computer to others? “Clicking ‘yes’ to a dialog box installed a peer-to-peer (P2P) application that uses your Internet bandwidth rather than CNN’s to send live video to other users.” Read more here.

And DCist has the BEST news of the day… Newsweek plans to continue its mock-reality show “The District” online. Though this review doesn’t seem as excited as FishbowlDC is…

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Press Secretary McDreamy? From Playbook this morning: PresidentObama worked the entire room of House Dems, saying hello to every table. He even said hello to staff. Many members’ wives are taking photos with Robert Gibbs, the most popular person other than the president in the room.”

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