Morning Reading, 06.16.06

  • Catherine Herridge leaves the hospital.

  • Dan Rather’s demise continues

  • Is John Roberts more appealing than Anderson Cooper?

  • A memorial service for Philip Merrill will be at 2 PM on Thursday, June 22, at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium”

  • Report faults response to Rosenbaum assault.

  • The Tribune Company’s independent directors responded to the Chandler’s family’s demands, defending the board’s decision for a $2 billion stock buyback as opposed to the Chandlers’ demand for Tribune to be broken up or put on the market.

    In a letter to Chandler Trusts, the directors said the buyback was in the “best interests of all Tribune shareholders,” suggesting that the Chandlers’ motivation in opposing the buyback was to act in their own self interest “at the expense of other shareholders.”

    The Chandler Trusts responded last night: “This is a company with valuable assets. We believe there is a better strategic plan for the company than the same one that has resulted in a 40% decline in the stock price.”