Morning Quiz: The Big Reveal

Yesterday morning we asked readers to figure out which Washington journo is the sibling to this man, who also happens to be a sports anchor for News 14 in Charlotte, N.C. Watch him here.

Most of you guessed right — his brother is FNC’s Bret Baier. This is Tim Baier.

But some of you threw out some pretty wild but intelligent guesses including Politico‘s Jonathan Allen and SNL’s now deceased comedian Chris Farley.

One reader wrote in, “If it’s not Bret Baier, it’s Ryan Reilly.” Reilly is a reporter/blogger for TPMMuckraker. Another added, “That’s clearly Bret Baier’s brother, but it looks like Jonathan Martin in real life.”

Hearty congratulations to those readers who guessed correctly. We know some of the more greedy among you (we’re looking at you, Henriot) are demanding FishbowlDC mugs and T-shirts — they don’t exist yet, but who knows, maybe we can make it happen.