Morning Oopsy: WaPo’s Nakamura Gives Himself Bad Marks for Homework Slip-up


WaPo‘s David Nakamura has a pretty good sense of humor where White House Pool Reports are concerned. Yesterday afternoon he credited CBS White House Radio Correspondent Mark Knoller with saving him on a quote from President Obama‘s campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“Pooler inadvertently quoted Jen Psaki as saying that millions of people have access to ‘affordable homework’ when the inimitable Mark Knoller pointed out the correct quote should be “affordable health care.’ … Pooler regrets the error and gives himself an ‘incomplete’ grade on transcription.”

The original error reads as follows and permits readers to see where Nakamura’s brain got tripped up: “(On president giving himself an ‘incomplete’ on economy) Psaki “The question he was asked was what grade he would give himself. And they clearly haven’t done his homework because he’s said that countless times. We know despite the fact that millions of people have access to affordable homework and there have been 29 straight months of private sector jobs growth, the troops have been taken out of Iraq, he feels there’s more to do for the American people and the middle class….There’s more work that needs to be done and he wants the American people to send him back for four more years. … What an incomplete means is that there’s more work he wants to do. The alternative is to go back to the old playbook of failing policies and failing grades.”