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Washington Post‘s Brad Plumer, Sarah Kliff, Max Fisher Joining Ezra Klein’s Vox Venture (HuffPost)
The Washington Post‘s Brad Plumer and Sarah Kliff are joining Ezra Klein’s new venture to be launched with Vox Media, according to newsroom sources familiar with the plans. Plumer covers environmental policy issues for the Post‘s Wonkblog, which was run by Klein until his departure last month. Kliff reports on health care policy. Klein, Plumer and Kliff declined to comment, as did a Post spokeswoman. FishbowlDC Kliff made the announcement via Twitter: “So some news! I’m leaving the Washington Post to join Vox Media.” Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Nearly two weeks after Klein’s departure, the Post has yet to name a replacement editor for its Wonkblog page — a delay that casts doubt on the blog’s viability in the post-Klein era. It’s an unenviable position. Whoever the Post selects — provided they do select someone — will have to follow in Klein’s footsteps and compete with his new venture at Vox Media. Because Klein has taken the majority of the Wonkblog team with him, the new editor will inherit almost none of the existing staff. Washington City Paper / City Desk Editors say they will be looking for replacements for Plumer and Kliff “very soon.” Adam Taylor, who the Post hired last week from Business Insider, will be taking over for Fisher. Top editor Marty Baron said last week that the paper would be hiring as it increases its blogging and expands its magazine. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Klein’s total editorial staff is now 11.

New York Times May Publish Response From Woody Allen on Dylan Farrow’s Accusations (NYT / Public Editor’s Journal)
Woody Allen has asked for, and may get, a chance to respond — in an op-ed piece in the Times — to a recent column and blog by Nicholas Kristof in which the filmmaker’s adopted daughter detailed her memories of his sexually abusing her. “They asked and we said, ‘Yes, send it in,’” Andrew Rosenthal, the Times’ editorial page editor, told me Wednesday by phone. It’s not certain that the Times will publish the piece. “It comes down to the editing process,” he said, something that all op-ed pieces are subject to. FishbowlNY If Allen does indeed send in a reply, the Times is going to publish it. This has been too big of a story for the paper. There’s zero chance it ignores a way to keep things going, despite the difficult subject matter. Slate / The Slatest Such a response would be a little unusual for the Times — the Grey Lady doesn’t usually run direct responses as a full op-ed — but given the story, making an exception to a soft rule seems like a no-brainer.

CNN Shuts Down CNN Latino (Media Moves)
Apparently, not everything was possible for CNN Latino. The eight-hour news and entertainment service block that was syndicated in several stations around the country will soon be history — barely one year since its launch Jan. 28, 2013. CNN Latino will cease operations later this month. A CNN en Español spokesperson would not give a specific date. “CNN Latino staff will be impacted, but CNNE staff personnel will not,” confirms Isabel Bucarám, CNNE’s spokesperson. TVNewser “CNN Latino was a bold effort to continue CNN’s commitment to the U.S. Hispanic marketplace. Unfortunately, despite the great efforts of many talented people, CNN Latino was not able to fulfill our business expectations and we are discontinuing the programming this month,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement. Miami Herald In South Florida, CNN Latino provided programming to local stations, Canal 12 — WDFL. The channel will continue to broadcast its own programs independently without the block of eight hours per day that CNN Latino provided.

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TV Guide Editors Axed (NY Post)
TV Guide, owned by San Francisco-based Open Gate Capital, has shaken up its editorial ranks, axing editor-in-chief Debra Birnbaum and the No. 3 editor, features editor Carol Dittbrenner, sources said. It appears that the company will not fill the editor-in-chief spot but instead will promote the No. 2 editor Doug Brod to executive editor and put the magazine in his hands.

Time Inc. Ad Revenue Grows, But Only Because it Bought AmEx Publishing
(Ad Age / Media News)
Time Warner, the media company that owns HBO and the Warner Bros. film studio as well as Time Inc. for a few more months, surpassed analysts’ estimates for both fourth-quarter revenue and profit in results reported on Wednesday. Time Inc.’s revenue in the fourth quarter was essentially flat as a 6 percent drop in circulation revenue canceled out a 2 percent increase in ad revenue and a 6 percent increase in other revenue. Circulation revenue declined both because of falling newsstand sales and lower domestic subscription revenue, the company said. The increase in ad revenue was a result of acquiring American Express Publishing, undermined a bit by one fewer weekly issue in the quarter in 2013 than in 2012.

Weather Channel Brushes Off A Blackout (Capital New York)
In mid-January, The Weather Channel was pulled from DirecTV amid a dispute over carriage fees. The respective companies have been making the rounds in an effort to get their points across, with TWC positioning itself as an essential element to public safety and DirecTV arguing that technology has made the channel unnecessary. Cable TV ratings from January, however, show that even with Weather no longer available in DirecTV’s 20 million or so households, the channel managed to improve its viewership compared to last year.

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Transgender Advocate Janet Mock: Piers Morgan ‘Sensationalized’ My Story (BuzzFeed / Politics)
Transgender advocate Janet Mock accused CNN’s Piers Morgan of seeking to “sensationalize” her life after Morgan and his producers focused intensely on Mock’s past and physical aspects of her transition in an interview coinciding with the release of her book, Redefining Realness. Morgan ended the first segment of the Piers Morgan Live interview by saying that Mock at one point had to tell the man she was dating that “you used to be yourself a man” — although Mock has never identified as a man. TVNewser Mock agreed to return for a second interview with Morgan Wednesday night after the two engaged in a heated Twitter exchange following their interview Tuesday.

From ‘Closing Bell’ to ‘Opening Bell’: Maria Bartiromo’s FBN Show to Launch Feb. 24 (TVNewser)
Maria Bartiromo‘s new Fox Business show officially has a name and a place in the FBN lineup. Beginning Feb. 24, the former CNBCer will host Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo from 9-11 a.m. ET. Bartiromo officially joined FBN from CNBC, where she anchored Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo, last month. Variety As part of the launch, Fox Business Network’s simulcast of Don Imus’ radio program will be trimmed by 20 minutes. Imus in The Morning had been airing on Fox Business between 6 a.m. and 9:20 a.m.

Netflix Might Have More Subscribers, But HBO Makes More Money
HBO, the premium cable channel behind hit shows like Girls, Game of Thrones and True Detective, just capped off a record year, according to its parent, Time Warner Inc, which reported results Wednesday morning. And for the first time, Time Warner reported numbers for HBO separately. Illuminating what a juggernaut the business is, HBO’s revenue in 2013 rose by 4 percent to $4.9 billion. Netflix, by comparison, generated $4.375 billion in revenue. The disparity is even greater when it comes to operating income (revenue less operating, or day-to-day expenses), which came in at $1.8 billion for HBO, while Netflix’s annual report, released this week, disclosed operating income of $228.3 million.

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NBC News’ Richard Engel: My Computers, Cellphone Were Hacked ‘Almost Immediately’ in Sochi (HuffPost)
Being a reporter at the Sochi Olympic Games just got even worse. NBC News’ Richard Engel said that upon arriving in Russia to cover the upcoming event, he was hacked “almost immediately” — and privacy is not something visitors should expect to have. “It doesn’t take long here for someone to try to tap into your laptop, cellphone or tablet,” he said Tuesday night.

Critics Say Facebook Is Erasing Pieces of History by Deleting Pages About The War in Syria (GigaOM)
As we discussed in a recent post on “viral” content, Facebook’s power and reach as a media platform has eclipsed even that of Google, which can be both good and bad depending on what kind of content you produce and whether Facebook approves of it or not. But that power becomes even more insidious when the network starts to delete important pieces of history, which it appears to be doing with pages related to dissident activity in Syria.

Twitter’s First Earnings Report in Charts: More Money From Less-Engaged Users (Quartz)
Twitter’s user growth has stalled, and the users it does have seem to be less interested in using it. The company added 9 million monthly active users in the last three months of 2013, an increase of just 4 percent from the previous quarter. One million of those new users were in the U.S. That has spooked investors, pushing down Twitter’s stock by as much as 17 percent in after-hours trading, even though revenue beat expectations. AllTwitter Overall, Twitter made a Q4 net loss of $511 million, and a net loss of $645 million for 2013 on $665 million revenue. “Twitter finished a great year with our strongest financial quarter to date,” said Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO.

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The Search for The Internet’s Next Top Weather Nerd (BuzzFeed / FWD)
The local TV meteorologist is dying, but it’s never been a better time to be a weatherperson. One month into 2014, a year that’s already seen severe and bizarre weather, a surprising pattern has emerged. Last month, Slate hired Internet meteorologist and social media fanatic Eric Holthaus as its weather and climate writer. Days later, Mashable announced that it had poached Andrew Freedman, a senior writer at Climate Central, an independent collective of scientists, journalists, and researchers, as the first reporter for its climate desk. And just last week, Gawker editor-in-chief John Cook posted on Twitter that the site is looking to hire weather writers, who, BuzzFeed has learned, will be charged with starting a new weather site tentatively called The Vane. Capital New York In November of last year, Nate Silver announced he was bringing Harry Enten onto the FiveThirtyEight team. Enten, who previously reported on politics, sports and weather for The Guardian U.S., will continue his weather coverage at FiveThirtyEight.

An Ambiguous Medium (CJR / The Kicker)
Last week, Medium editor Arikia Millikan published a coming-of-age essay chronicling a stilted affair she’d had with a married (and much older) journalist, whom she’d met while an intern in college. Though the affair was barely consummated, the tumultuous interaction left her emotionally beleaguered and professionally jaded. Millikan is a technology writer (at Medium she founded and runs the female-centric science and technology blog Lady Bits) so the story hits in the wake of another harassment scandal in the science community: the string of women who came out about being harassed by then-Scientific American blog editor Bora Zivkovic, leading to his resignation. One part open blogging platform, one part elite digital magazine, Medium is a difficult publication to interpret. But Millikan’s story was analyzed by journalists and debated on Twitter as yet another example of how a predator-friendly industry can consume young women.

What Can Make Audio Go Viral? NPR Experiments With Building Earworms for Social Media (Nieman Journalism Lab)
By now you’ve likely come across Digg’s terrific piece on viral audio. And if you haven’t ventured beyond the headline, it’s worth a read. The piece picks apart this question: How come audio never goes viral? That’s a question we’ve been exploring over the past year at NPR Digital Services. We set out to solve the viral audio challenge and we’ve discovered a few things worth adding to the conversation.

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