Morning Media Menu With ABC’s Terry Moran

Today on the Menu we are joined by ABC’s Terry Moran who has just returned from Arizona where he was covering Obama’s visit. Sadly for us the trip back was aboard US Airways so did not result in any more Air Force One twittering!

About the time he did use Twitter on Air Force One Moran says “It was a great opportunity to take people on board Air Force One…just something that was immediate and that was two way. When I Twittered the breakfast menu someone got back to me and said okay, ‘what’s the music on board?'”

We also asked Moran what he thinks about the recent spate of journalists leaving the profession to work with the administration. “I think it’s both economic and ideological,” say Moran. “I don’t think it’s any secret and it hasn’t been for 30 plus years that journalists in their personal views, at the national level, tend to be more liberal than the rest of America…I don’t think that means their coverage has necessarily been skewed.” He goes on to point out that it is also an example of people choosing to serve their country.

Plus, what about the Post‘s chimp cartoon sort-of apology? And what would a media conversation be these days if we didn’t touch upon the hot topic du jour: paid content! Also, because it’s Friday we talk about what we all learned this week. You can listen to the podcast live every morning at 9amET on and call in at 646-929-0321. You can also subscribe to the iTunes feed of the podcast by clicking the “iTunes” button. And if you missed it yesterday’s show with Laurel Touby and Jon Fine is definitely worth a listen (and we are not just saying that because she’s our boss).