Morning Media Menu Welcomes Back ABC’s Terry Moran

The last time we had ABC’s Terry Moran on our podcast we got picked up by Rush Limbaugh. We are hoping for some Rush love today after Terry joined us today from O’Hare where he’s been waylaid since last night on his way to Nebraska. If any of you Limbaugh listeners out there hear us get another name check be sure to let us know.
Regarding Limbaugh, Moran says: “I was a White House correspondent for five and half years…the one thing you learn very quickly is that you have to develop a very thick hide.”
Other than aggravating Rush, one of the reasons we asked Moran to join us today was to discuss his recent Nightline piece on the Mexican drug wars and their toll on Juarez, where he recently spent some time on assignment. “It is the Wild West across Northern Mexico, because the drug cartels now are almost as strong as the government in many places, and stronger in some.”
We also talk about the controversy over yesterday’s LATimes NBC ad, and whether Twitter might someday be a money-maker.