Morning Jolt: Roll Call Reporter Advises Constituents on ‘Staking Out’ Lawmakers

Roll Call‘s House leadership reporter Steven Dennis hosted a tweet-chat Thursday in which readers were asked to submit questions. While it may have been an innovative idea in Journalism, and before last weekend may not have seemed the least bit odd, the advice he gave could make Capitol Police wince.

The exchange:

Roll Call

Q5! MT @song1964 Can a regular person, such as myself, speak directly to Congress…Like Richard Simmons and Mr. Rogers did?

Roll Call

.@Song1964 It’s pretty easy to talk to Member of Congress. Stake out their DC office. If u can’t get meeting, try hallway. -@steventdennis

We asked Dennis for his thoughts on the exchange and if it gave him pause after recent events. He said, “No. I think the public should know that they can come to DC and talk to their member of Congress. Everyone has to go through a metal detector before they get to a congressional office. Probably the safest place for a member to be is in a hallway in the Capitol complex protected by 1,500 police officers.”