Morning Intervention: Hayes is Still a Writer Goddammit (Part III)

It’s true. We’re worried about Hazy. The Nation’s Washington Bureau Chief and among our favorite Boy Banders Chris Hayes is deep in the weeds of writing his book. And he’s tweeting in a bizarre combination of Charlie Sheen/Politico/POTUS/Newt catch phrase lingo that is starting to sound alarming. The phrase “Winning the Future” is, at this point, also a combo Obama campaign slogan and title of former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich‘s 2005 book, Winning the Future: A 21st Contract with America.

  • “Settled on book title: The Future of Winning (The Future) #notreally”
  • “#win RT @naingin_aint_ez: @chrislhayes: You know your follow-up book has to be called “Back To The Future of Winning (The Future)”
  • “Beginning to think my book should include a chapter about America’s obsession with #winning.”

Does someone need to get Dr. Drew on the horn?

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