Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“But are you ready for this jelly?”-– CNN’s Jake Tapper, employing an unusual (for Washington) twist of phrase on his new show, “The Lead.” To which HuffPost Politics Editor Molly Reilly wrote simply, “Awful.” We disagree wholeheartedly. We’d like to hear Tapper employ the question daily, perhaps weekly so it doesn’t get stale.

Johnathan Krohn Under Fire!

“PSA: Just because you want to defend someone else’s view is no reason to attack my credibility or veracity as a journo. Calm the fuck down!” Salon‘s Jonathan Krohn, who was the recipient of verbal bullying at CPAC by two conservative females as reported (and recorded) by Yahoo! News‘ Chris Moody. One of the women, Townhall Editor Katie Pavlich, reacted to our writeup, saying, “Moral of this story? Jonathan Krohn got verbally beat up by two girls. Someone call the wammbulance.” (At right is Jonathan as a young sweater vested Republican. At left, a floppy-haired liberal.)

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 8:32 a.m.

First World Problem

“So the puppy won’t stop jumping up on people. I know we need to ignore her, but it’s so hard because a) I love her, and…b) strangers love her too. Do I ask them to stop talking in high voices and greeting her when she jumps up?? Seems rude.” — Capitol Hill communicator, @therealmarta.

Uh oh. Is there a potential GIF for this?

“I’m home incredibly sick with a pounding head ache and the neighbors are blasting metal.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski.

Wemple is so sympathetic

“Tapper just pronounced ‘Reddit’ ‘Read-it’; corrected himself moments later. Lots of sympathy for that.” — WaPo‘s Erik Wemple. Oh, so he can see two sides to a story? Amazing how that works.

BuzzFeed seeks anti-hate employee (cat lover preferred)

“hahah Buzzfeed Job application says ‘No haters” should apply.'” — InTheseTimes Labor journo Mike Elk.

Um, who cares?

“Since its clear I’m not working at the moment a q: y do I like 90’s country music better than current stuff?#blameitallonmyroots.” — NBC “MTP” host David Gregory.

Washington Examiner reporter seeks job, Media Matters fellow notices ass kissing and Jose Canseco has a vivid imagination…

Examiner reporter seeks job

“OK. So The DC Examiner is closing it’s local section. That means I’m in the market for a job. Any leads welcome! Kytja AT hotmail DOT com.” — Washington Examiner‘s Kytja Weir. She and some 30 of her colleagues sadly received pink slips Tuesday.
Media Matters fellow notices generalized ass kissing
“Love media ‘journalists’ who give powerful media figures a friction-free venue to spread their message.” — Media Matters fellow Olivier Willis. When we asked Willis who he was referring to, he remarked to FBDC, “Just in general.”
Journo Love

“Congrats @rolandsmartin on a great run at CNN! Amazing what u’ve been able 2 do & build. Thx 4 being a great friend, counselor, & advocate.” — Host of “Don’t Sleep” and former CNNer TJ Holmes. first reported the news of Martin’s contract ending April 6 after Martin himself mentioned it on Twitter.


Wishful thinking or just delusional?

“Hey buddy @Jamie_Weinstein yes I will consider being the host for the 2016 GOP debates. Lets talk at the white house dinner in April. dm me.”  — Baseball great Jose Canseco, who has accepted an invitation to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner from BuzzFeed. Weistein is a reporter for The Daily Caller.