Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Yogurt spilt on President Obama tonight.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczyinski with the accompanied picture above. The incident occurred at The Sink, a restaurant and bar in Boulder, Colo. From the White House Pool report by TWT‘s David Boyer: “While greeting people outside, a young woman spilled yogurt on the president. It appeared to hit his pants. The president wiped himself off with a towel and made a wry comment about the Secret Service, but pooler couldn’t  hear his exact words. He did say to the woman, ‘Getting yogurt on the president, you’ve got a story to tell.’ She said, ‘I’m very embarrassed.'” The woman appeared on NBC’s TODAY show this morning.

Deep thoughts with Politico‘s Epstein

“Some will win. Some will lose. Some will smell of sweet perfume.” — Politico‘s Reid Epstein. (Actually it’s lyrics from “Don’t Stop Believing,” a Journey song played at a a Mitt Romney bash last night.)

Ted Johnson, Deputy Editor of Variety on why the stars enjoy attending Nerd Prom: “I really do think that the appeal is to be there and to be among the political elite. That means something. …Here, there is a chance that you’re not only going to see people from the White House you probably already know … but you’re probably going to also see people from the other side of the aisle, the unexpected Republicans who attend the dinner. There are those encounters that probably have a great sense of appeal.” Read Politico Patrick Gavin’s full story here. Really? The wayward Republican who attends the dinner is the exotic allure? Johnson may need to get out more.

John Edwards according to Maureen Dowd

“Everyone’s arguing whether Edwards is a swindler or merely a swine. He’s certainly the latter.” — NYT‘s Maureen Dowd on the ex-Sen. John Edwards trial. Read full column here.

What’s driving the day: “Do you know when you should toss out ketchup, mustard and other condiments?” — WTOP has hints that may save you a few stomachaches. And this from the AP…”Whale found dead in Wash. had swallowed golf ball.” What was found in the whales stomach? “The stomach examination Monday found the shrimp, woody debris, algae, pieces of rope and plastic, the golf ball and some flat spongy material.” Best line…“The garbage was minimal and not the cause of death, which remains under investigation.”

Better Late than Never: Spotted at Nationals vs. Miami last Friday night: In first row behind third baseline, NBC’s Luke Russert, Politico’s Jake Sherman and Bo Blair, owner of Smith Point and The Bullpen.