Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

NPR’s Fresh Air Gives the World the Middle Finger

“To people who write in and say we’re dumbing the show down when we air TV interviews, you have the option of turning us off.” — @nprfreshair in the most refreshing tweet of the day.

Perino brags: ‘I knew more’

“DANA PERINO on DC press corps: ‘I always knew more than they did.'” — NY Mag’s Gabriel Sherman of the former Bush White House Spokeswoman and Fox News Political Analyst.

Why a reporter loves his job…

“Another reason I love this job: Desk just told me I have to go to New Orleans for a story. Tonight. Scrambling for flight now! #neverdull” — CNBC’s Eamon Javers.

Boybander goofs off while working

“Getting a really good recording of the college kids in front of me who are flirting instead of listening to the strategy session.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel, who, er, clearly wasn’t listening either?

Major Brownie Points

“1:22 PM, at home with my beloved Annie. Married life is a blessing.” — NJ‘s Yochi Dreazen.

Bulimic journo on the loose?

“‘I’m going to have like nine slices. Is that okay?’ — famished journo vets his pro-gorging strategy before attacking Armand’s pizza buffet.” — Roll Call HOH Writer Warren Rojas.

But more importantly…

Bret Baier was in the Minneapolis Airport Tuesday and a follower had a great suggestion for him: “You should visit the infamous Larry Craig bathroom stall while you’re there!” The anchor replied, “I’ll pass on that attraction thanks.”

Hey! Where’s our fleece goddammit?!

“Big thanks to @HowardMortman for sending a @CSPAN #Campaign2012 fleece to keep me warm in Iowa next month!” — Facebook’s Andrew Noyes.

Birthday shout-out to… FishbowlDC’s new addition Peter Ogburn who didn’t BOTHER to tell us it was his birthday yesterday. What, no Playbook mention? Happy Birthday to Peter. (h/t Clearly an enemy.)

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I am the world’s most talented procrastinator.” — Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner.