Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Greta in shock?

“Gov Palin on CNN?” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren on former Gov. Sarah Palin‘s surprising appearance on CNN last night. Palin’s usual go-to show is Greta’s.

Journo proud of Ohio roots

“I love being an Ohioan… Nights like tonight prove that it really is “The heart of it all.” The center of the political universe!” — RCP’s Erin McPike.

Ouch Donna!

“At this point, the nomination is probably Mitt Romney’s to lose. And I mean that quite literally. #cnnelections” — CNN Contributor Donna Brazile.

Strange Weigel bourbon rituals

“Feels weird to be around alcohol in Georgia without @rsmccain. Do I say his name three times into a bourbon glass?” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in reference to right-wing blogger Robert Stacy McCain.

CNN’s Acosta really gets into DeWine’s name

“Now that I have your attention. That last pic was Santorum surrogate DeWine de-working the phones in Steubenville.” — CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Shocker: WaPo having technical issues

“Apologies for the spigot of outdated tweets – we have an issue with our platform and are working to correct it.” — @PostPolitics.

He’s not in the wax museum?

“Wow, virtual David Gergen is so lifelike.” — Yahoo! News’s Olivier Knox referring to CNN’s virtual convention.

WaPo Editor practices keeping road rage at bay

“Yikes, if you’re on L St around 15th, you’re going to be sitting there till St Patrick’s Day. #DCtraffic” — WaPo Book World Editor Ron Charles.

News you can’t use

“Great stat on @mikeallen from @politico live stream: ‘Has had 7 jobs since college.'” — Politico’s Patrick Gavin.

FishPoll Results: Yesterday we asked readers, “What word might Rush Limbaugh have used instead of ‘slut’?” An overwhelming 62 percent said, “Nothing, he should have kept his fat mouth shut.” Coming in second place at 16 percent: “Ho-bag.”

The always devious Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.