Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Good news. Bad News.

“D’oh. My 6 yr old just sent a text to a cable executive.” — Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher. Update: It’s not as bad as it could have been…”My 6 year-old to a cable news VP: ‘You.            To'” (Our advice for next time? “Daddy says your network sucks.”)

Washington editors remark on facial hair study

“Attention Men: Study says women think facial hair makes you look older, more aggressive, and less attractive.” — RealClearPolitics Executive Editor Tom Bevan. He links to a story in The Mommy Files section of the SF Chronicle. RCP Washington Editor Carl Cannon: “@TomBevanRCP Women in facial hair study lived in Polynesia and New Zealand. Sampling error, perhaps?”

Um, really?

“When they heard I woke up this morning, the Forward proclaimed it Super Jewsday.” — Wired’s Spencer Ackerman.

Loesch carries on in attack against Boehlert

“Hey @EricBoehlert , where on MMfA did you apologize to all those accusing you of antisemitism? Don’t want to miss it!” — Big Journalism Editor and CNN Contributor Dana Loesch.

Unusual radio hit

“I was on ‘Black Man With A Gun’ radio show with @kennblanchard. Podcast at the bottom of this page.” — TWT Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller. Visit here.

Publicist questions sanity of ‘Bachelor’ contestants

“Oh my. This is the 1st episode I’ve seen of this season’s #bachelor. All these women need to be institutionalized. Separately.” — Publicist and former ABC “This Week” Producer Courtney Cohen.