Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Homoerotic or cute? You decide.

“Bret Baier, Hope Chunky Monkey feels better soon — and doesn’t get everyone else in your house sick in the process!” — FNC’s James Rosen. We can only hope that Rosen is referring to one of Baier’s children and not some other er, chunky monkey, in the house.

Speaking of erotic…

“It’s normal to find the words ‘woman,’ ‘her’ and ‘she’ to be erotic, right? Ok, good.” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten, a huge FBDC fan.

Perino reaches out to Price is Right contestant

“Will the gentleman who was on Price is Right this morning tweet me again? Loved the shout out. Need to know if you won. And watch The Five!” — FNC’s Dana Perino.

When New York Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson throws out a question, WaPo’s ever hip Weingarten steps up to the plate and introduces himself.

Curtis Granderson: “Headed to DC for the off day, besides White House, Memorials, and Gov’t Buildings, what are some good suggestions to eat and check out?” Gene Weingarten: “Hey, Curtis. I’m a columnist for the Wa Post. Eat in Adams Morgan, a hip, funky walk-around neighborhood.”


A fan writes to The New Yorker writer and CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin: “I fucking love your writing and analysis.” He replied: “Big fucking thanks!”

Sam Stein accuses TPM of being copycat

“TPM electoral scoreboard mighty similar to what we have at Huffpost” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

Wendy puts the hump in hump day

“Wendy Wednesday’s really help me bust over the hump.” — FBDC reader Jason Kosakow, a quantitative analyst in Washington, D.C. (And yes, we’re bragging!)

Journo Squabble

“[Andrew Sullivan] today asked if I was living on the same planet as him. No-I’m living on the one with most people from Earth.” —  Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald on The Daily Beast‘s Andrew Sullivan. He links to this.

Eddie Scarry and Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.