More Proof That Si Newhouse’s Right Hand Hasn’t Seen His Left In 30 Years

“Leakers beware.

“A freelance researcher at Conde Nast lost his job yesterday apparently because he leaked internal information to, the dishy Web site that makes fun of just about everything that passes across its screen.

“Gawker broke the news itself.

“In a posting yesterday afternoon, it said that Andrew Krucoff, a blogger and freelance research analyst at Conde Nast, ”was just moments ago fired” for leaking an innocuous internal memo about the magazine company’s server being down.

Maurie Perl, a spokeswoman for Conde Nast, confirmed that Mr. Krucoff was no longer working there, but said that because he was not an employee, he was technically not fired. Still, she said, ”He was told today that his services were no longer required.” “

Katharine Q. Seelye, “Memo Passed On; Job Is Lost,” October 25, 2005.

“I want to thank some of the people who worked impossibly hard to get us functioning today. First off, Cheryl Brody, whom I conned into the job of Web editor telling her it would be, yes, fun! Cheryl input everything here, made sure that certain things linked to other things and that the magazine was well represented on this site. She really deserves (or possibly now requires) a month of comp time. Jeff Johnson, who has overseen our TV channel on the site and who is constantly whipping out the digital video recorder to immortalize some of the more insanely stupid moments in the office and elsewhere. Thanks to Free Love Forum, who create the videos and edit them down. Julie Bloom and Andrew Krucoff, who made some great suggestions about organization and writers. And the good folks at CondeNet, who have worked around the clock to meet our Feb. 21 deadline. Thanks to Jo, Denise, Charles, Scott, Zane and everyone at CondeNet.”

Brandon Holley, the editor of Jane,a Conde Nast magazine, which just launched its full-fledged Website this afternoon.