More on White House ‘TV Whisperer’ Joining Burson-Marsteller

Dag VegaThanks to Politico, we had the news about former White House “TV Whisperer” Dag Vega leaving the Obama administration to go the PR route several days ago. Now we have the press release.

First: Vega will be managing director of Burson-Marsteller’s Washington, D.C. office effective August 4th, and he will report to Ann Davison, U.S. Chair of Public Affairs & Crisis Practice who joined the firm last month, as well as Jano Cabrera, worldwide executive vice president.

Thanks to a Politico exclusive, we also know that Friday will be his last day at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that he will take a vacation in Puerto Rico before starting the new gig.

What did Vega do at the White House?

He managed all of the President’s TV appearances, ranging from the Ellen Obamacare show to the Super Bowl Sunday interview with Bill O’Reilly (despite the completely understandable fact that Vega preferred to avoid Fox News in most cases) and, yes, “Between Two Ferns”. In fact, the release tells us that he “credited with helping to make late-night comedy shows a legitimate vehicle for presidential interviews” in addition to handling media training duties, etc.

From the first Politico story quoting WH comms director Jennifer Palmieri:

“Dag conceives of the interview, negotiates the terms, books it, preps the president, staffs the president, haggles over the excerpts, and then takes the incoming from the nets and talent who didn’t get the interview.”

At B-M, he will “provide senior strategic communications counsel and media advice”–which won’t be too much of a departure from his previous job. We do, however, predict a very slight decline in Vega’s overall stress level.