More on Bardella’s Replacement…

Late last night we reported the news from Becca Glover’s memo that she accepted the post for California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee back in January.

At the time, Issa Spokesman Kurt Bardella‘s demise was not on the radar. Glover, formerly spokeswoman for The Daily Caller,  started her new job on Capitol Hill Monday. But she was never intended to be Bardella’s replacement. Rather, a press aide. But that all changed when the news of Bardella’s sneaking emails to NYT reporter Mark Leibovich surfaced. Suddenly her superiors had a new intention for her job as Deputy Press Secretary.

Clarification: Glover was hired one month prior to Bardella’s firing. While it is true that she was never intended to be Bardella’s replacement and suddenly leaped into a role she didn’t anticipate earlier this week, her title was always officially Deputy Press Secretary. The above has been altered to reflect this clarification.