More Logos Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Man are we psyched today. (Aside from our not-so-much intermittent as persistent server problems which are totally the reason for our seemingly lackadaisical posting which is no way related to our lengthy Si and Remnick-stalking lunch at the Nasty, but rather entirely beyond our control. Deflecting responsibility rules.)

So the logos just keep coming. And coming. And we’re hearting at least three halves of them. So we’re opening up the forum. Take some inspiration from these, tweak them, play with them, improve on them, or submit something that blows them out of the water. No copying — our keen critical eyes are rotating at full strength today. Below are four, all from the same designer. Now that’s what we like to call versatility.

UPDATE: We can’t get these images to load. See above. But keep sending stuff in. We’ll figure it out on our end.