More iPhones Will be Streaming Video with Qik Live: Will AT&T’s Network Survive?

Qik has streaming video apps for nearly every significant mobile platform available today: Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Qik’s current offering for the iPhone 3GS can share video but does not stream video live.

Qik for 3GS 4.32

Although Qik’s blog doesn’t indicate anything new at the moment, TechCrunch tells us that a new app named Qik Live is making its way to the iTunes App Store that will actually stream live video like the recently released Ustream Live Broadcaster (which even works on a non-video enabled iPhone 3G)…

Qik Live Recording Finally Makes It To The iPhone (Legally)

Will AT&T’s wireless data network collapse under the weight of iPhones all over the U.S. streaming live video? Hang on tight folks! The AT&T wireless data ride may get a bit rough over the holidays.