More Info on White House Correspondents’ Dinner Tables

The New Yorker is trying to give Newsweek/The Daily Beast a run for its money. Not by publishing creepy covers, but by having cooler celebrities at its White House Correspondents’ Dinner table. FishbowlNY has Newsweek/The Daily Beast in the lead as of now, but as WWD points out, The New Yorker’s table is going to be bursting with star power.

A quick rundown: Newsweek/The Daily Beast is going to have Viola Davis and J.R. Martinez, while The New Yorker is going to have Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the co-creators of “Portlandia,” and Jason Schwartzman and Aziz Ansari.

We’re still giving the edge to Newsweek/The Daily Beast, but the dinner isn’t until April 28, so there’s still time for another magazine to unseat the Tina Brown title.

However, if a glossy announces that they’re bringing the entire cast of the underrated show “Hard Time on Planet Earth” with them, then that’s a wrap; that magazine wins.