More in Baby News…

Roll Call‘s Kate Ackley and CQ Weekly‘s Shawn Zeller welcomed a 9 lb baby boy into the world over the weekend. He was 9 lbs 2 oz — “Now we know why Kate was hauling that big belly around,” Zeller says.

Welcome Luke John-Paul to the Fishbowl.

Read the memo from Zeller in which he relates what the infant has to say about the debt debacle…

Our little linebacker arrived 15 days early on Saturday, August 6th, at 9:23pm. He was 9 lbs 2 oz and 21.25 inches. Now we know why Kate was hauling that big belly around.

The baby says he waited to be sure the debt ceiling was raised and for the official announcement that CQ Weekly was taking its August publishing hiatus.

After appearing breech last Wednesday, he flipped just in time.

We’ve named him Luke John-Paul Zeller. The John and Paul are for his maternal grandfathers, not the late Pope (as much as we appreciate his efforts fighting communism).

Two year-old Madelyn is a little confused but mostly happy to be a big sister.

Luke and Kate are doing well and coming home today.