More Brands Trying Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing campaigns that use mobile bar codes and text messages are proving attractive to a wide range of brands that are testing the mobile phone as one piece of broader marketing plans. Venerable retailer Sears and movie ticket seller Fandango are two recent examples of the variety of marketers turning to mobile.

According to a Mobile Marketer report on a panel at the Mobile Marketing Association’s Mobile Marketing Forum earlier this week, the companies took advantage of mobile for very different reasons.

Looking to make it easier for its shoppers to get information on products, Sears implemented the Scanbuy Shopper downloadable application. Once shoppers download the app, they can use their phone to take a picture of an item’s barcode to receive product reviews, specs and other types of I-need-to-know-now data.

Fandango used a mobile banner ad as part of a promotion for the animated movie Kung-fu Panda. Movie fans were invited to text a keyword to a short code for a chance to win free tickets to the flick.