Oprah’s California Neighborhood Gets Second Weekly Newspaper

Can you imagine what the Christmas tips in Montecito might be for newspaper delivery boys and girls? That vaunted teen profession may generally be going the way of the fax cover page, but at least in the privileged Santa Barbara hood of Oprah Winfrey, Rob Lowe, Dennis Miller, and many other celebs, the newspaper business is still good.

On June 10th, the Montecito Journal will be joined by a second free weekly newspaper, the Montecito Messenger. Heading up the mid-June competitor is a pretty interesting trio—The Daily Sound owner Jeremy Gordon, documentary filmmaker Sam Tyler, and former Journal reporter Judy Forman. Per a report in the Santa Barbara Independent:

Tyler — who directed Citizen McCaw , which chronicled the meltdown of the [Santa Barbara] News-Press — explained the new paper would be more politically mainstream and less conservative than the Journal, that it would provide home delivery, and that Messenger editors would not comment critically, as the Journal sometimes does, about its own letters to the editor.

That last bit is an intriguing and suitably demure line drawn in the beach sand for this catty day and age. Managing editor Forman meanwhile will also get to cover the society beat which, in Montecito, is about as good as it gets this side of Monaco.