Monster Survey Shows Millennials Experience Burnout More Than Others

stressIf you’re stressed out, raise your hand! Yes, we all get burned out at one point or another but when it comes to specific generations, Millennials experience burnout the most.

According to a new survey conducted by Monster Worldwide, Inc., 86 percent of Millennial respondents reveal some level of burnout in their current jobs. This is in comparison to 76 percent of more experienced workouts indicating burnout in their roles. Sidebar: Those numbers seem awfully high, don’t they? Are we working ourselves to the ground? That’s a whole other blog post but still, it makes you think…

Back to the survey…participants in the survey overall mention some level of burnout in their current role to the tune of 81 percent.

Pushing burnout aside for a moment and focusing on the state of mind, younger job seekers are the most optimistic to embark upon new careers. Millennials have more confidence to find a job in comparison to more experienced workers (and by that we mean 45-years-old and up.) Millennials are more willing to relocate (83 percent) compared to more experienced workers (55 percent) and that makes total sense in terms of portability when you’re younger versus older.

Jeffrey Quinn, vice president of Monster’s Global Insights, breaks it down. Per the press release, he states:

“The survey indicates that the Millennial workforce is experiencing the most burnout in their current positions. With the more experienced workforce moving on to different roles or heading into retirement, it’s probable that Millennials are expected to take on larger roles than their more experienced predecessors, and thus are feeling the pressure.”