Money’s Not The Root of All Evil, Sleaze Is

Three tourists stand to make $80,000 to $120,000 each for photos they snapped of Mel Gibson while hanging out at Moonshadows the night of Gibson’s arrest.

As soon as they heard of the arrest, Todd Hausberger, a 29-year-old Phoenix resident, and his high school chums began “a marketing campaign” to hawk their vacation photos to the highest bidder. In Touch Weekly “won” with a $10,000 deal.

“At the same time, Hausberger was also asking broadcast outlets for payment in exchange for TV appearances. As a rule, the networks do not pay for interviews but they have long figured out ways around that by hiring sources as consultants, for example. In this case, Hausberger confirmed that he sold Entertainment Tonight some photos from their trip that did not include Mel Gibson.”

And the the tourists’ “big payday will come after Aug. 14 when In Touch’s exclusive period on the Gibson photos ends,” according to Business Week.

Hausberger does have some regrets about profiting off of what is likely one of the darkest points of someone else’s life: He sold too soon. The next day broke the news of the secret police report.

“We probably could have gotten a lot more after that,” Hausberger said.