Monday Numbers

A quick look at the numbers that are driving the conversation this week:

Nearly 1:1 – Ratio of security personnel to spectators at events in Sochi

51% – Pres. Obama’s disapproval rating, according to the last two Gallup polls

37% – Percentage of Americans describing the state of their household finances as either weak (17 percent) or somewhat weak (20 percent) according the most recent NBC/Marist Poll

35% – Percentage of Americans who think their financial situation will get better in the coming year, according to the same poll

91 million – Number of Americans age 16 and over who don’t work and aren’t looking for work

10 million – Number of Americans age 16 and over who don’t work but are looking

5:30 PM – Time scheduled for a meeting tonight of Congressional Republicans to discuss a plan to raise the debt ceiling and end military pension cuts that were part of the bipartisan budget deal passed earlier this year

$6 billion – Amount of money needed to offset the cost of repealing those pension cuts

$76 million – Amount of money raised by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last year

$60.5 million – Amount of money raised by the National Republican Congressional Committee last year

9 – Number of people arrested on federal charges during “Operation Angry Birds,” the biggest cockfighting bust in New York State history.

3,000 – Number of birds rescued during “Operation Angry Birds”

3 – Number of states (New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma) where there is no statewide ban on cockfighting