Monday Mobile Roundup: RIM, Mobile Payments, Lawsuits, & More

RIM Acquires Ubitexx — Research In Motion has made another acquisition today with the purchasing of smartphone software security company, Ubitexx. Unfortunately, the details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

RIM Announces Video Chat for Playbook — In addition to acquisitions, RIM has also announced video chat support for its Playbook tablet with the upcoming OTA update, says TechCrunch. The addition of Facebook and Facebook Chat was also announced.

RIM Announces New BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930 — In yet more RIM news, the company has announced its new BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 device. The smartphone is 1.2GHz, hosts NFC connectivity and utilizes BlackBerry OS 7.

RIM Announces BlackBerry Enterprise Server for iOS — In one final RIM-associated announcement, the BlackBerry maker has announced BlackBerry Enterprise Server support for iOS.  However, according to TiPb, the iOS rendition will not support all of the features as BlackBerrys.

Google Sued for Tracking Android Phones — While the folks over at Apple are already being sued by the state of Florida over the iDevice tracking fiasco, Google is now joining them in the hot seat. According to Bloomberg, two residents of Oakland County in Michigan have filled a class-action lawsuit over claims that their Android phones were tracking their locations. The suit seeks $50 million in damages and a court order that will require Google to stop all tracking.

CNN Mobile Site Crashes — News of Osama bin Laden’s death has caused a tremendous site in Internet traffic. So much so, that CNN’s mobile news site actually went down for a short amount of time after the news had broken.

PayPal Notes Mobile Payment Growth for 2011 — Mobile payments are going to grow further. During eBay’s Q1 earnings call, via Seeking Alpha, the company expects that its transaction company, PayPal is expected to process over $2 billion in mobile payments over the course of 2011.

Mobile Search Marketing Success — Mobile searching is one growing aspect of the space that will not be slowing any time soon. As such, an interesting post from has highlighted six useful tips in making a marketing success out of mobile searches.