Monday Mobile Roundup: Controllers, YouTube Marketing, GREE & More

Nintendo Still Doesn’t Get It and Other Takeaways From E3: Big gaming companies like Nintendo and Activision are still hostile to mobile gaming while Barnes & Noble’s Android-based devices are giving root to a lucrative cottage industry.

GREE CEO Tanaka Explains the OpenFeint Acquisition: The mobile social gaming network will help the Japanese mobile gaming giant to make a leap to foreign markets. Like DeNA, GREE will be attempting to use the same model that worked in Japan, which is operating a platform at the same time as being a game developer with several game launches in the near future.

Controlling Games With an iPhone — Touch Arcade came across an interesting new app by the name of Joypad, for iPhone. The application is free to download, and allows users to utilize their iPhone as a physically controller for PC games by syncing, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or an ad hoc network, with a Joypad desktop client.

Glu Mobile Expands Bug Village to Android — Glu Mobile is expanding another one of its popular freemium titles to Android. Bug Village is now available within Android Market, and like its iOS counterpart, is free-to-play. Bug Village also breached the top free iOS app charts early after its initial release.

Google Removes More Infected Apps from Android Market — According to, Google is removing even more malware-infected applications from Android Market. Ten are now pending investigation and were discovered and reported by Xuxian Jiang. Moreover, many are noted at exploiting popular apps such as Angry Birds in the form of apps like “Angry Birds Rio Unlocker v1.0 which prompts users to “unlock” all levels in the game, thus installing the malware. This latest string of infections falls hot on the heels of another malware outbreak earlier this month.

SugarSync Adds Mobile Device Management Feature — File sharing service SugarSync has added a new Mobile Device Management feature, says TechCrunch. With the feature, users will be able to both view and control iOS data from a web console. This includes sending, removing, or moving files and folders. The feature is also stated to be coming to other mobile platforms in the future as well.

Hewlett-Packard Tries to Drive Up Buzz for TouchPad on YouTube — The HP TouchPad is slated for launch on July 1st, and in order to drive up buzz, the company has released a series of YouTube videos demonstrating many of the upcoming device’s unique features: Video 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The 16GB version of the tablet will run $500, while the 32GB will cost $600.

47% of iOS Developers Support Android — Interesting numbers came out of Piper Jaffray’s WWDC Developer Survey Summary. As highlighted by Apple Insider, of the 45 developers surveyed, 47 percent stated that they also supported Android as well as iPhone, but only 7 percent wrote applications for Mac. 36 percent also wrote apps for BlackBerry and 13 percent for Windows Phone 7.

[image via Apple Insider]

Apple Worth $301 Billion — Between its smartphones and its tablets, Apple has grown to a whole new level. As noted by TechCrunch, the company is now valued at around $301 billion, which is roughly the combined value of  its top competitors: Microsoft ($200.3 billion), Hewlett-Packard ($72.8 billion), and Dell ($29.3 billion).

Unlocked iPhone 4 May Arrive in U.S. Wednesday — Enter another iPhone rumor, as an iPhone hacker by the name of “chronicwire” is stating that Apple may be releasing an unlocked iPhone 4 in the United States come Wednesday. Users will be able to buy the device at full price, and make use of any carrier they wish. As noted by VentureBeat, however, Apple has never offered such before, likely due to AT&T hosting the iPhone exclusively in the past. Now, with the iPhone also on Verizon and rumored to launch on both T-Mobile and Sprint later this year, an unlocked version is more probable.

iPhone 5 Final Testing Rumors — Another rumor for iPhone 5 is in circulation. “A previously accurate Apple source” told 9to5Mac that the next generation of iPhone is now in its final testing stage and in-line with a September launch. Additionally, it was also noted that no deal between Apple and Verizon regarding FaceTime over 3G had been reached, meaning that Verizon may not support the feature this year.