Monday Mobile Roundup: Amazon Appstore Promotion, T-Mobile, Nook Android Update & More

Here’s what we’re reading this morning:

Amazon Launches Android-Connected Promotion — Amazon has launched a new promotion today in order to bolster its Amazon Appstore. With the promotion, any customer that purchases an Android device from Verizon Wireless will receive $25 to spend on apps from the Amazon Appstore.

NOOK Color Gets Android Update — Barnes & Noble released a new software update for its NOOK Color e-reader. The update upgrades the tablet to Android 2.2 allowing it to support Android apps. Unfortunately, NOOK Color does not have access to the entirety of the Android Marketplace; only 125 apps are available.

Android Users Get SugarSync — The cloud storage app, SugarSync is now available for Android. The application is free and allows users to retrieve and view files from any computer synced with a SugarSync account.

Politico Comes to Android — Politico, has released for Android this week. Now users will be able to find all of their political news from any Android device for free.

PlaceIQ Seeks to Target Advertisements Based on GPS — A new startup by the name of PlaceIQ is looking to target potential customers based on very specific locations, says TechCrunch. Breaking the world down into city block-sized tiles, the company creates specific sets of data based on what is relevant at each location. Mobile advertisements then target users in these areas based on this, making contextual assumptions on what the average person in such an area would be interested in. The company states that no personally identifiable information is used.

Meijer App Helps Store Goers Find What They’re Looking For — Supermarket chain, Meijer has a new mobile app, says Mobile Marketer, that will analyze customer behavior by allowing them to pinpoint the location of products within any Meijer retail location using Point Inside technologies.

Apple Tests T-Mobile iPhone — It looks like the iPhone may be coming to a new service soon, as Boy Genius Report has come across photos of an iPhone prototype for T-Mobile USA 3G brands. Additionally, the new prototype is said to support an A5 chip.

[image via BGR]

Google Pushes to Raise Mobile Search Revenue — Though Google controls 97 percent of the mobile search market, The New York Times is reporting that they’re still looking to improve this. Now the company is seeking to further enhance the mobile experience in ways such as translating phone calls in real-time, perform voice searches, or recognizing items in a photos.

Smartphones Can Predict Spread of Political Ideas, Mental Illness Symptoms — Apparently information derived from smartphones can predict what someone is going to actually do in the near future. In a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (highlighted in The Wall Street Journal), researchers have been able to detect and track symptoms of mental illness, spread of political ideas, cultural activities, and so on, with tremendous accuracy, based on smartphone software and sensors.

How Do You Infer Intent on a Mobile Device? — In another interesting piece related to predictions, Chris Dixon has composed an article on methods to help predict user intentions when using a mobile device (e.g. searching). This is based on data such as social networking, physical location, and so on.

How Do You Best Design A Mobile Website? — Mobile Commerce Daily has written up a piece that might be prudent to web developers. While mobile web users will make a number of contritions when it comes to browsing on the go, 58 percent expect mobile web sites to load as quickly on a mobile device as it does at home, increasing the need for extensive testing for sites looking towards mobile commerce.