Moe is Mildly Miffed (in 10 Tweets or Less)

Freelancer Moe Tkacik’s latest tweet exemplifies her mood about the journalism industry as of late.

That would be pissed.

Tuesday’s whopper? “You know what I fucking hate? Magazines. Jesus fucking Christ I fucking loathe them. Newspapers too. Fuck the media,” writes the ex-WCP blogger who split from the publication in February. At the time she described it as a breakup that had been brewing for awhile. She explains her mood, saying, “Sorry, just reading a certain wretched [Paul] Krugman profile.” She continues by quoting the story, “‘Unlike what Krugman says, conservatism is not some kind of smoke screen for another agenda.’ YES IT FUCKING GODDDAMN IS, YOU FUCKING TOOL”

We’ve compiled a Top 10 List of Tkacik’s cantankerously humorous tweets over the past month.

10. ARGHH fuck you internet (April 20 with link to a story about WaPo’s Ezra Klein)

9. Dear The Daily editor, I may not know your salary but I know a 22yo you paid 75K so if you think 150 is a “fair” rate u prob deserve a raise. (April 20)

8. Just got offer to write 740 words on something I know nothing about for Murdoch padloid, for princely sum of $150! Enough to buy a gun? (April 20)

7. You know what would really brighten my day is a solicitation for donations to yet another bastion of limp pseudointellectualism. (April 16)

6. Omg SO sorry to be so snide about your very first tweet! My apologies! Hahha not really, go fuck yourself! (April 7)

5. ATT Tina Brown: Some copy editor figured out a way to make me hate myself, for clicking on a story about curing cancer. (April 6. Story here.)

4. Everything wrong with 1. New York Magazine 2. bloggers born in the 80s 3. many other things, in one dumb post. (Story here.)

3. Ok crunch fitness “sexy stretch” on demand is at turns deadly boring and lethally painful BUT 20 mins later I can suddenly palm floor no prob. (April 5)

2. No socks today was such a fucking stroke of genius. Now the inflamed puss filled backs of my heels match my outlook on life. (April 4)

1. Fucking misspelled pus. Christ. (April 4)