Modern Farmer Founder Explains How She Connected the Dots

On May 29, Modern Farmer, a quarterly print magazine and website based in Hudson, New York, published the following articles:

Successful Game Developer: ‘I Owe it All to My Goats’

The Food Politics of Pokémon

These BuzzFeed-like items, suggests Business Insider technology beat writer Dylan Love, are perfect examples of how Modern Farmer has carved out content success. Founder-EIC Anne Marie Gardner and her crew are also riding high following their recent win at the 2014 National Magazine Awards. She tells Love how she came to this farm-to-table, “agricultural lifestyle” content nexus:

“I connected dots that weren’t connected before. I had covered travel, health, and beauty trends for [a magazine called] Monocle in my former life, and when you’re writing about trends, you get trained to see what’s coming.”

“I saw this coming five years ago and knew it would be so much bigger than my next trends story. I had friends doing other interesting stuff — one even started a film company. I thought, ‘Maybe I could do something more than write.'”

Gardner also has some interesting thoughts on the misrepresentation of farmers in the media. Read the rest of the piece here.

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