Mocking Newsbusters’ Gasbag Tim Graham

Considering the difference between “highfalutin” and  “flatulence” once stumped Newsbusters‘ Tim Graham, media director for the conservative Media Research Center, it’s not that surprising that “mocking” would also be perplexing for him.

(Hey Tim, in case it wasn’t obvious, we’re officially mocking you.)

In May of 2012, Graham criticized lefty radio host Bill Press because he mocked Ann Romney‘s hideous $900 fish shirt. Graham used the phrase “high flatulent” to describe the store where Romney purchased the shirt. The store was not passing gas, but to his credit, Graham added this gem at the bottom of his post: “CORRECTION: Due to an auto-correction or a brain-fart, the original blog misquoted Press describing the Reed Krakoff boutique as ‘high-flatulent’ when it should have been ‘high-faluting.'” (Actually, it’s highfalutin, but hey, no biggie.)

On Sunday Graham trash talked FishbowlDC in a post, saying we had “mocked” phone enthusiast and freelance journalist Evan Gahr. He wrote, “Fishbowler Betsy Rothstein has decided now to mock Gahr for being persistent in pestering the Post to investigate itself, even as everyone ignores his calls or hangs up.” He points to this post as an example of “mocking.”

What Graham got right? Yes, Gahr is being persistent in his pestering.

What he got wrong? Everything else. First off, not everyone hangs up on Gahr. At least not immediately. Secondly, he may want to look up “mocking” in the dictionary because we wholeheartedly embrace his persistence.

Gahr explained his reaction to Graham’s writeup in Washingtonspeak and English:

Washingtonspeak: “I have known and collaborated with Tim Graham since I was a reporter for the Washington Times magazine in the early 1990s and he was at the Media Research Center.  He has done many items on my reporting and commentary.  And I have used his material many times. So I am very disappointed that my friend Tim would think FishbowlDC is mocking me when all the items place me in a favorable light and have essentially indicted the Washington Post for a major cover-up.” (Editor’s note: We’re not convinced that we’ve “indicted” anyone with our posts or that we think WaPo is engaged in a cover-up, but these are his views and perceptions.)

English: “I don’t know WTF is up with him.  How could he possibly think you are mocking me when I come off as indefatigable reporter and Steven Mufson, Paul Farhi and Erik Wemple look like the White House plumbers of the Washington Post? (Those were the Nixon aides who investigated leaks. They, like Farhi, Wemple and Mufson,  wanted to keep things under wraps.)”

We’ve been covering Gahr as of late because he has been ruthlessly pushing a story he wrote on a lawsuit filed by a WaPo sales employee against the publication for age and race discrimination. Gahr wants to know why other journalists are not covering his story. So he’s been getting on the horn with WaPo reporters, editors and other journalists around town, many of whom abruptly or eventually hang up on him.

Our items on Gahr definitely adopt a joking tone. “Have You Hung Up On This Man Lately?” one of our headlines asked.

We do hope he continues his telephone rampage.