MockApp Helps Visualize an iPhone App Without Cutting Code – And, it is Tweetware (free but…)

YouTube video courtesy of dsaguy

A friend suggested I read about…


So, I did. And, I have to admit that it is a clever and potentially very useful tool for iPhone app developers. In the old days, developers or product managers used drawing software like Adobe PhotoShop to “mock up” software or web views. MockApp lets you mock up iPhone apps by using much less expensive software like Apple Keynote (on Macs) or Microsoft PowerPoint (on PCs). The video above gives a good idea of how this process works. Its strength is that it lets you get an idea of what an iPhone app might look like without cutting a single line of code.

And, here’s the best part of this clever developer aid: While MockApp’s creator insists it is not free, it doesn’t cost any money. However, if you use it, he asks that perform one of the following tasks for this “tweetware”:

1. Tweet about MockApp (in your own words). To make it easy, is shorter than
2. Post a link to MockApp on your Facebook page, blog, etc.
3. No twitter, no Facebook page, no blog? No problem: email 3 friends who have an iPhone.