Mochila Offers Partners NetSeer Ad Tech

Content syndicator Mochila has entered into a partnership with contextual advertising firm NetSeer in an effort to bolster the relevancy and effectiveness of its ad offerings.

Mochila distributes content packages from publishers such as Investor’s Business Daily to local Web sites, aggregators and portals. Typically, those content packages are bundled with ad inventory, which the content partners sell to advertisers, splitting the revenue with Mochila.

Now those distribution partners will be able to sell ads employing NetSeer’s “concept-based” ad technology. Unlike other contextual targeting ad products such as Google AdSense, which identify keywords on a given page of content and then serve ads based on them, NetSeer claims it can deliver more pertinent ads. That’s because NetSeer scans the Internet to find common connections between content—i.e., words and phrases that are frequently found grouped with other words and phrases. For example, typically a Web page featuring the word “baby” several times would contain ads for baby products. But according to CEO John Mracek, NetSeer’s technology would be able to determine that the word “baby” is closely related to the word “stroller”—and then could serve ads from a stroller company.

“We find concepts that are ‘off the page,’” said Mracek. “We crawl the Web and find relationships between content. That gives us a much richer understanding of what’s important to readers…and allows us to disambiguate keywords.”

For Mochila, the pact provides partners with another sales tool they can begin testing immediately—without having to implement new technology on their end. “We have baked their technology into our entire platform and are offering it to all our members,” said Mochila chairman and CEO Benjamin Chen. “[This deal] will greatly enhance our ability to deepen engagement with a brand.”