MobiTV Hurdles 5 Million Users, But Will Growth Slowdown?

Yesterday, MobiTV announced that it had surpassed the 5 million subscriber mark. Matt Kapko from MocoNews Hit up Paul Scanlan, President and Co-Founder, MobiTV, for his thoughts on growth in this sluggish economy.

I agree that handsets, all-inclusive data plans (think Sprint’s “Simply Everything” plan, among others), and deck placement has probably helped fuel some growth. Even though long-standing carrier partner Sprint is still MobiTV’s most significant carrier partner, MobiTV scored the second spot on AT&T’s Q3 top 10 apps list (see my blog post “It’s That Time Again – AT&T Top 10s for the Quarter“). The really big question is how many new subscribers can be attracted to premium mobile TV subscriptions beyond early adopters, particularly in this economy, and as we watch more and more ad-supported video become a reality.