Mobiroo launches “All You Can App” subscription service in Malaysia

Toronto-based Mobiroo will begin to offer its “apps on-demand” service in the Asia Pacific. Through a partnership with Malaysia’s biggest telecommunications provider, Celcom Axiata Berhad, Mobiroo will offer an “All You Can App” subscription service providing unlimited access to a selection of top paid apps and games. The service acts very similarly to the way Netflix or Spotify streaming works. The current app library is nearing over 750 with more titles added daily.

Users interested in the service can subscribe monthly for $2.49. Some of the applications provided in the subscription can sometimes cost as much as $20 when bought on Google Play normally. This partnership in particular is different because of how it involves a telecommunications provider. Rather than subscribing internally through – which can still be done – users can simply attach the cost to their monthly phone bill.

Mobiroo has chosen to target Asia for its initial launch because of its more mature Android market. Malaysia in particular has taken strong initiative at being a progressively mobile country even providing its young people with a $65 rebate when purchasing a selected smartphone. Mobiroo has collaboration plans with other launch partners in Asia which will be announced soon, followed by the Latin America and North America regions.

Mobiroo CEO added, “Since we launched in March, the response from the market has been incredible. We are working to team up with many new partners, bringing the service to multiple markets globally. Many of our partners are pioneers and enjoy ever-growing customer bases due to the innovative services being delivered.”

(Photo credit: Engadget)