Mobile Surpassed Desktop for PBS NewsHour in 2015

Sees growth in video as well.

During the current Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff-hosted era of PBS NewsHour, the story has been one of growth, from staff additions to engagement numbers. NewsHour’s overall digital numbers for 2015 fit nicely into this narrative; the program enjoyed year-over-year growth in pageviews and in users across its digital platforms.

One of the more dramatic growth areas was represented by the 206 percent growth in video views, which in real numbers went from 27.2 views in 2014 to 83.3 million in 2015. The rise in video views was due, in part, to a new Facebook video series, Brief but Spectacular, launched in June 2015, which helped contribute to the 41.7 million video views NewsHour achieved on Facebook.

Mobile became a bigger part of NewsHour’s story in 2015 as well, representing a larger share of NewsHour’s digital audience than desktop and all other digital platforms combined, 52 to 48 percent.

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