Mobile Marketing Startup Taps Data Firm to Measure Sales Impact

SessionM using Datalogix to unlock consumer behavior

Mobile marketing startup SessionM, trying to prove its efforts can help spur sales, announced a partnership with Datalogix to measure the success of digital campaigns.

SessionM says the partnership is the best way to show marketers that mobile is effective, which many question. Datalogix collects real-world sales information and ties it to consumers and their mobile behavior.

SessionM teams up with app publishers like TMZ and The Weather Channel to run rewards campaigns and push promotions for brands—many in the consumer product goods category, and which deliver mobile coupons and other offers. The company was founded by Lars Albright of Quattro Wireless, which Apple acquired in 2010.

“The last piece in mobile has always been how do brands bridge that gap from targeted ad experience to closing the loop on a purchase,” said Bill Clifford, SessionM’s chief revenue officer.

Datalogix is becoming a big player with partners like Facebook using its consumer data to gauge real-world impact.

SessionM is trying to amass an ever-larger network of publishing and gaming apps with millions of logged-in users. It also will use Datalogix sales information to better target its promotions.

“We are onboarding offline shopping data into the network to enable targeting based on a actual purchase behavior,” Clifford said.

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