Gap Narrows Between Online Mobile and Desktop Site Traffic

Photos via Flickr / Sigalakos, hummingcrow


According to PR Newswire, mobile devices globally accounted for 35% of website visits during June 2013, a 5% increase from the previous month. Some of the traffic is presumably through mobile browsers, but increasingly, data show that the site-specific mobile app market is erupting.

The news is a call to action for many companies to create mobile-optimized websites. “Mobile is requiring retailers to reprogram their customer experience,” said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO in a statement. “With mobile visits on the rise, it is now possible for someone’s first impression of a brand to come from their smartphone site.”

The race for internet traffic is on, and the gap between desktop and mobile is narrowing. The graph below highlights some of these changes, showing the percentage of mobile to non-mobile growth for the year-to-date.


The data fall in line with venture capitalist Mary Meeker’s recent presentation, which showed that 14% of all internet access stems from mobile. In some countries, such as India, mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic, accounting for 60% of internet usage.

As the trend lines continue to converge, we are poised to see similar patterns in the rest of the world. The question that remains isn’t whether it will happen, but when.




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