MLB Media Executive: ‘New York is as good a platform as you can have’ For All Star Game

This weekend kicks off the festivities for the 2013 Major League Baseball All Star Game, which will be played right here in New York City, at the New York Mets’ Citi Field.

Being in the City That Never Sleeps (as well as the corporate home of Major League Baseball, media companies and ad buyers), is driving a lot of advertising and media attention.

“I am probably biased, I am from New York, I think everything is bigger,” MLB executive VP of business Tim Brosnan tells FishbowlNY. “Everybody appreciates it being in their own backyard, I think there is a natural inclination to try to do better when you are at home.”

The game will be broadcast on Fox, MLB’s largest media partner. Fox also televises the World Series and the Saturday game of the week, and will be adding national games to its upcoming cable sports channel, Fox Sports 1.

“[Fox president] Chase Carey, who kind of created, crafted and still shepherds their whole sports scene, he is over on sixth avenue,” Brosnan said. “He is the one who back in the day started Fox Sports, or at least convinced Rupert [Murdoch] to start Fox Sports with David [Hill] and Ed [Goren] and those guys. He really understands the value of sports to their media empire, clearly when the CEO has that much affinity for sports, things happen.”

In terms of advertising, MLB says that Mastercard, Bank of America, Chevrolet, T-Mobile. Anheuser-Busch and Pepsi will have new sports debuting during the All Star Game and the Home Run Derby.  About 50% of the advertisements next week will be from official MLB sponsors, up from a typical 30-35% during other All Star Games.

“New York is as good a platform as you can have, and the All Star Game is the biggest sporting event of the Summer, so it is kind of natural for marketers to get on board,” Brosnan says.

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