Mixx Launches Sifter Ad Tool

Fast-growing social news site Mixx.com has launched Sifter, a new tool which provides advertisers with the ability to pre-test creative placements before rolling out larger campaigns.
The 18-month-old site, which is often compared to Digg, enables users to consume content from a variety of publishers in one place by establishing a profile detailing their interests. Theoretically, Mixx users are also introduced to relevant content based on the recommendations of other like-minded users.
With Mixx Sifter, the site has organized a group of 2,000 of its most active and vocal users, who have agreed to provide real-time feedback on select ads. Marketers can use the tool to test up to five different creative units at a time and gauge which ones will be most effective before rolling them out to a larger audience. These ads can be banners, print ads, video spots or even logos.
Besides immediate feedback, Mixx provides participating brands with data on the responders demographics and interests.
Mixx has signed on Clorox and the social application producer LivingSocial.com to participate in a beta test of Sifter. In addition, the company has inked a deal with the digital creative agency GeniusRocket to test the product for its clients.