‘Missing Friends’ Is Today’s Free eBook Of The Day

Missing Friends by Thorvald Weitemeyer is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

This adventure novel, originally published in 1871, is one Danish immigrant’s tale of a new life abroad, during the late eighteen hundreds. Here is an excerpt: “I dared not to stay in Copenhagen for fear of meeting my father, or somebody who knew me, so I bought a through ticket for Hamburg the same day, and although the purchase of this ticket nearly exhausted my funds, it was with a feeling of glorious freedom that I left Copenhagen. On arriving in Hamburg I obtained work at my trade without difficulty, and soon saved a little money, so that a few months after I found myself on board an emigrant ship bound for Queensland, where I have been ever since; but for fourteen years I never wrote home. After that interval I sent a short letter to my eldest brother, telling him that I was in Queensland, married, in good health, my own master, but that I had not made my fortune; however I owed nobody anything, and was satisfied, &c., and asked only for news.”

Project Gutenberg has the free download.

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