Miss Your Cell Phone? You’re Not Alone

Do you feel lost if you leave the house without your cell phone? Have you sent a text message or e-mail from your BlackBerry at night or on the weekend recently? Do you use your wireless device at home instead of your landline phone? If so, you might suffer from disconnect anxiety.

Ars Technica writes about the results of a study from Solutions Research Group whose finding show that 27% of us experience increased stress levels when we’re away from our cell phone or the Internet. The study also claims that an additional 41% of us occasionally feel anxious when cut off from our mobile or online communications lifelines.

Reportedly, folks under 50 are more likely to be affected with the malady, which is said to present differently for different generations.

Click continued to take SRG’s survey and see if you’re afflicted.

How can you tell if you suffer from disconnect anxiety? Here’s Solutions Research’s Group questionnaire, courtesy of Ars Technica:

1. Strongly or somewhat agree with the statement “My cell phone goes everywhere I go?”

2. Use your wireless device “frequently” at home instead of your home phone?

3. Strongly or somewhat agree with the statement “When I leave home without my cell phone, I feel cut off?”

4. Spend four hours or more using the Internet – work or personal – per day on average?

5. Used IM (instant messenger) in the last week?

6. Have a Facebook profile that you visit at least once a day?

7. Strongly agree with the statement “The world is not as safe as it used to be?”

8. Used a laptop in your living room or bedroom in the last week?

9. Text-messaged on a regular cell or sent e-mail using a BlackBerry, Treo or similar in the evenings or the weekend in the last week?

Positive answers to the first eight are worth one point each, and the last question is worth two points. If you score seven or higher, “you are a candidate to feel elevated levels of anxiety if disconnected even for a short period of time.”