Miss California 2012 Invents a New Vaccine

Miss California 2012 Leah Cecil did herself an unfortunate pop-culture-footnote favor last night on “Pageant Confidential,” a 20/20 special about the long road followed by Miss America contestants. Right before the first commercial break, a quick montage included an abbreviated clip of Cecil practicing for the competition’s Q&A portion. Asked “What’s your feelings on euthanasia?”, Cecil replied “It’s a vaccine, correct?”

Later in the program, ABC ran the full clip of this sequence. The male questioner in fact wanted to know her feelings about the idea of euthanasia being legalized, whereupon Cecil prefaced her answer with: “That’s actually one thing I’m not very educated on, so I need to look up on exactly what that means, but…” Afterwards, she told reporter Lara Spencer that she felt “so dumb, so idiotic…”

Chalk it up to nervousness. Per a write-up this weekend in the Garden Grove Journal, the 22-year-old professional harpist is no dummy:

A graduate of California State University, Fullerton, Cecil plans to get a Master’s degree in business and wants to teach music at the college level…

What’s more, when Cecil won the Golden State title last summer, Miss California president and CEO Bob Arnhym raved that “she has remarkable poise, she’s extremely attractive, she’s highly intelligent and she’s also quite articulate.” She also appears to have a solid sense of humor:

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